Venues / Work For Sale

Display Venues / Work Available for Sale

  • Pink Palace Crafts Fair (juried event, Memphis, Tennessee)
  • Winter Arts (Memphis, Tennessee)
  • Spring Arts (Memphis, Tennessee)
  • Brooks Museum of Art Gift Shop (Memphis, Tennessee)
  • River Arts Festival (Memphis, Tennessee)
  • Gatlinburg Fine Art Festival (juried event, Gatlinburg, Tennessee)
  • Great Gulf Coast Arts Festival (juried event, Pensacola, Florida)
  • Bluff Park Art Show (juried event, Birmingham, Alabama)
  • TACA Craft Fair (juried event, Nashville, Tennessee)
  • Memphis Tour of Fine Craft (November, 2012)
  • GumTree Festival (juried event, Tupelo, Mississippi)

List of Upcoming Shows

  • Information pending

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Top Ten finalist, Beauty and The Beast (Iron Wood, 2011)

Contact Information

DFP Originals
9654 Pleasant Ridge
Arlington, TN 38002

(901) 409-5802 (mobile)
(901) 829-2404 (home)

E-mail:  dpaullus@rittermail DOT com

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