Artist Statement

Artist Statement

It is all about the wood.  I have always been a builder and a maker, but it was not until I was given a wood lathe by my parents in 1997 that I discovered the world of woodturning. 

I am especially passionate about working with large pieces of green wood and their uninterrupted, flowing grain patterns.  Green wood has its own set of special needs, notably needing approximately one year of air drying time for each 1” of log thickness . 

I have always liked wood for its integrity, strength, and versatility; now I am also in love with its varying grain patterns, colors, and its deeper, more spiritual aspects.  I never get tired of wood’s beauty.  I work hard to honor and celebrate wood and its character in each piece I create.  


40 years in the construction industry (from framing houses at age 15 to working on nuclear generating power stations; followed by many more years of commercial construction work, including 20 years as a commercial construction supervisor); also certified as a master welder.

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Contact Information

DFP Originals
9654 Pleasant Ridge
Arlington, TN 38002

(901) 409-5802 (mobile)
(901) 829-2404 (home)

E-mail:  dennis AT bigriver DOT net

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